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Say Hello to Tele-Health.

Hey there, imagine getting all the benefits of a physical therapy session, but in your comfiest PJs! Telehealth physical therapy is like having a virtual coach guide you through exercises and stretches while you're chilling at home. So, say goodbye to awkward waiting room magazines and hello to sweatpants-approved rehab!

Tele-health physical therapy is a great way to get started! We will start with a free 15 minute consultation, to see how I can help and if you are appropriate for tele-health physical therapy.


This is what to expect during our first initial evaluation:

From the comfort of your own space, during this one-on one session, we will chat about your history of your symptoms, I will ask clarifying questions specific to pelvic health, have you perform some movements on secure video to look at your hips and your back and then walk you through specific pelvic health exercises. 

We will then schedule follow-up sessions 1-2x a week where I will provide you with a customized treatment plan to help reach your goals!

This cash-based telehealth practice offers you the freedom to directly invest in your well-being! By opting for this approach, you're choosing a personalized and flexible path to virtual healthcare that's centered entirely around your needs! A Superbill can be given, so that you can send it in to your insurance company for possible reimbursement! So just check in with your insurance company to see if this is a option for you. It's like treating yourself to a tailored virtual wellness experience where you're in control of your journey to health and vitality. 

So simple. So let's get started!




15-min Zoom call where we will go over your condition and see if you are appropriate for

tele-health care!


Initial Evaluation

60-Minute session including detailed summary of your condition, tests/ measures, and treatment included.


Follow-up session

40-Min Session. Customized care building and progressing each session including exercises, lifestyle tweaks, education about your body, and more!

Let’s Get You Better!

Please email me a brief synopsis of your symptoms and we can then schedule a FREE 15- minute consultation to see if I can help you reach your goals! Shoot me a message here and I will get back to you within 2 business days!

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