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Raise the Pelvic Floor

All Things Pelvic Health.

Just a pelvic floor physical therapist looking to spread awareness for all things pelvic health! Check out or blog posts where we nerd out, the Etsy store for inclusive educational prints, along with our consulting services to help us all grow in this field of pelvic health. 


My name is Dr. Courtney Weeks Odell

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pelvic Rehabilitation Certified Practitioner

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification, I have a passion for the field of pelvic health. I look at the whole person and not just the diagnosis, and have a drive to help spread awareness.


Raise the roof? Why not the [pelvic] floor?! 

Check out our page for ways we look to grow our field and help those as best as we can!

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