Consulting Services

Are you a pelvic health practitioner who took Pelvic Health Level 1 and need a little help to reach that next level? Let's chat!

Mentorship tailored to your needs.

Jumping into pelvic health can be intimating and just about all of us need someone to bounce treatment ideas off of. Courses are vital to give you that foundation, but nothing beats having some clinical support.

That's where we come in!

Topic Outline

  • Orthopedic based critical thinking for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction 
  • Clinical pearls for the pelvic health population
  • Case study reviews
  • Treatment based approach for diagnoses including bladder and bowel dysfunction, pregnancy, postpartum, vaginismus, prolapse, endometriosis, PCOS, and other pelvic pain conditions.
  • Resource information for samples, multidisciplinary referrals, and home products to help patients with self-care management
  • Development of patient handouts necessities such as education handouts, evaluation forms, intake paperwork, consent, etc.
  • Flexible mentorship to dive into what you feel that you are missing in your practice. 
  • With one-on-one mentorship options, we can troubleshoot tough cases, review clinical pearls, connect orthopedics foundation to pelvic health, and develop that framework for pelvic health critical thinking. OR we can help you fill in the gaps of what you feel that you need to reach that next level!
  • Phone Mentorship Session

    Phone calls scheduled in 30-min increments to nerd out about patient cases, treatment plan, resources, etc. Let's game plan!

  • Video Mentorship

    Zoom video mentorship sessions tailored to your needs. Case studies, critical thinking, exercise prescription, treatment techniques, pelvic resources, etc. 60 minute intervals to go over what you need when you need it!

  • In-Person Mentorship

    In a world of remote learning, sometimes we just need to be in person to refine our hands on skills. In person sessions allow for one-on-one mentorship at 60 minute intervals with a minimum of a 4 hour base. This allows for practicing hand on techniques, internal work for pelvic muscle identification and treatment, and further solidification of your skills.

Dr. Courtney W. Odell


Dr. Courtney Odell, PT, DPT, WCS, PRPC loves talking all things pelvic health and sharing her knowledge to help other practitioners best treat their patients.

She started her first course in 2018 and she has gained her experience from outpatient pelvic health clinics and two hospital based clinics. She has experience mentoring established private practice clinics as well as many pelvic health practitioners. She is now the Pelvic Health Director of a outpatient based private practice clinic.

She is the physical therapist featured in the new book "Why Orange?" and her research background is in running modification.

Patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction deserve clinicians who can get down to the "why" and feel confident in their skills and treatment plans.

She can get you to where you need to be! Contact below!

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