Hypertonic & Weak Pelvic Floor?

Hypertonic & Weak Pelvic Floor?

Tight and weak?! What does this mean?


Have you ever heard of pelvic floor muscles being tight AND weak or weak and hypertonic? Yep! It’s a thing.


💪🏼 Muscles job in our body is to move our joints, but to also guard and protect our body as well. Muscles work at an optimal length tension relationship meaning they work better if at a normal resting tone.


*Analogy time* Think about holding a tray of water, if it is close to your body, you can manage carrying it. However if you straighten your arm, that tray becomes very heavy and you may need some help. Same theory here! 🤯


If a muscle is weak, over time the muscle can start to become tight and clench up because it is trying to stabilize your hip bones. This can very straining and fatiguing on our muscles. This is can also lead to trigger points (see image) causing tender hypersensitive points in the muscle.


This can lead to:

💕Pain with sex or any type of vaginal penetration

💧Urinary leakage and urgency

🔥Pelvic Pain

⏰ Slow urinary stream or unable to empty


Try belly breathing, general hip stretches (yoga 🙌🏼), or even a warm heating pad over your low abdomen daily.


And make sure to check in with a pelvic floor physical therapist to see how you can get help!






Disclaimer: The information and content here is solely for informational and educational purposes. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.




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